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Want to learn how to breathe?

Take a deep breath. Big inhale fill up. Just do it.

Did your shoulders raise at all? Yes of course they did.  So I got some good news and some bad news…Okay you want the bad news first?

You are breathing wrong. Yes wrong! There’s a bad way to breathe you ask? Isn’t all breathing, just breathing? Nope it is not all the same. Right now you are a vertical breather, which means you don’t use your full lung capacity. It also means your body is probably in fight or flight mode most of the time, which is why you can’t ever get to that meditative state you keep trying to get to. But don’t feel bad because 9 out of 10 people currently breath this way.

If you don’t believe me I can measure your Vital Lung Capacity and actually give you a letter grade on how well you breathe.

Are you waiting for the good news? The good news is I am here to help you!  A few sessions with me and you will be breathing like a pro in no time. I can show you how to finally relax and get to that rest and digest state that your body longs for. Learn how to breathe efficiently and this simple switch can help you meditate better, sleep better, digest your food better, and even relieve back pain.

At one point in your life you did breathe the right way so your body remembers how to do it. Your body wants you to do it. It’s begging you to take in a proper breath and use the correct breathing muscles. No surgery, no waiting, no complicated techniques. It’s just a few easy exercises to help the body calm down. Once the body can rest then so can the mind. And voila you will finally be meditating!

Contact me for a session

-30 minutes Skype or in person

-1 hour session in person

-Add on to a yoga session, a coaching session, or mix all three!

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