selectively spiritual


About me

My name is Jamie Cagan and I am a intuitive life coach, energy worker, and happiness seeker. I was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, CA and currently live in Venice with my Husband and our two dogs, Milo & Talulah.
I went to school at Indiana University for Fashion Design, Apparel Merchandising, and Business. I became a denim merchandiser straight out of college and worked in fashion for 4.5 years until I realized I wanted to do something centered around helping others. I attended the University of Santa Monica and got a certificate in spiritual psychology to dive deeper. Right after that I felt called to do a 200hr yoga teacher training here in Venice, CA under Lauren Eckstrom and Travis Eliot. I then went on to train one on one under two different intuitive life coaches to learn how to be a coach myself. I also took a meditation teacher training at Unplug Meditation studio in Santa Monica where Dr. Belisa Vranich trained us in Breathing. I have also completed Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Level 1 & 2 Masterclasses and recently got certified in NLP, EFT, Time Techniques, Hypnotherapy and Success coaching. I am always looking to do more trainings and learn as much as possible to better myself and help others. I may be called a teacher but I am 100% a student of life! Aren't we all?

The good stuff...

I am a big believer in the magic of the Universe. Call it what you want God, source, energy, spirit, etc.  If you believe there is something more to life that a boring 9-5 job, feeling unfulfilled, and settling for just okay than I am your girl! I fully believe that our thoughts create our reality and you can co-create the life of your dreams and I say DREAM BIG! So if your looking for a change in your life contact me and lets chat!


The name game...

So a lot of people have no idea what Selectively Spiritual even means! So I am hear to tell you what it means to me. Since there are two sides to every story there are two meanings to Selectively Spiritual as well.

Story #1

I went to school for a 10 month program in spiritual psychology and as anyone would I shared all my amazing learnings with my family and friends. News flash! I am not perfect and totally human so of course things are easier said than done. One day I was getting a little frustrated about something when my older sister, Kelly, called out that someone was being a little selectively spiritual. AKA me. So as much spiritual stuff as I've learned and practice, I am still imperfect and cannot always look at the bright side, be the bigger person, or just let it go. I wish I could but what's the point of life if we can't learn from our mistakes and grow. So in this definition selectively spiritual simply means I'm human.

Story #2

When I first learned that I could be happier than I was...I went about trying everything possible. I read tons of self help books, meditated, bought crystals, saged my house, drank green juices, gave up gluten, quit my job, did a yoga teacher training, practiced gratitude, went to Bali, and got a life coach of my own. I am here to tell you just like there are thousands of different methods to lose weight, there are just as many ways to live a happier life. Do you see where I am going with this? You have to try different tools and SELECT what works for you! Everyone is so unique and has gone through different life experiences and has their own strengths and weaknesses. So of course no one thing would work for everyone. Be selective with all of the amazing information, listen to your intuition, and you do you. So in other words Selectively Spiritual just means selecting out of all the spiritual insights what works for you in your life!