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Someway, somehow, you ended up in this exact spot and I believe everything happens for a reason!
So welcome to exactly where you are supposed to be!

My name is Jamie Cagan and I am a Intuitive Life Coach that specializes in empowering women to know that the answers they seek are all inside of them!
I am also a energy shifter, retreat leader, and motivational speaker.
I believe energy work, intuition, and mindset shifts are key in unlocking true happiness from within.

I am so happy you are here!
Take a look around and see if anything calls to you...xo


















I am forever grateful for Jamie. She helped me more than I think she’ll ever really know. Her coaching made me realize the routine I had been on & guided me to stop simply “going thru the motions.” That is, she truly helped me be grounded and more *specific* with my goals. With her encouraging, loving and genuine nature, she challenged me to really believe in myself, she had me re-evaluate my core beliefs, and look within myself in order to identify my dreams and to let go of how I “think” they should happen... Thank you, Jamie. Thank you for reminding me to “water my dreams every day” like it were a flower.
— Regina S.
I did a one on one coaching session with Jamie that was wonderful. The exercises and tools she provided to help me with my anxiety were beyond helpful, so simple to understand and they were also fun. They gave me confidence and hope in my path. She provides such refreshing feedback and helps you to realize the truth and reason behind whatever is going on in your life so you can deal with the core issue to transform your life in ways you want. Her tools helped communication in my relationships, gain clarity on where I want to live and what I want in and with my partner, my ideal living situation and simple action steps on how I can get there. It really helped put a plan and direction to heal and clarify the root cause of my anxiety. I am so much clearer on how to deal with it and what to do so I am not stuck in the cycle of my thoughts. She is also so lovely and her energy is so calming to be around. I would definitely recommend her and see her again!
— Athena M.
I had an incredible, life-changing one-on-one coaching session with Jamie. The last few years I have been bottling up my emotions and have felt stagnant in some aspects of my life and relationships. I’m typically a guarded and shy person, but Jamie’s non-judgmental and trusting qualities really helped me open up, allowing me to explore feelings with a sense of safety. One of the greatest gifts that Jamie gave me was clarity. The ability to be open and honest with my feelings and then helping me stay clear about my goals, what I want, and what direction I want to head in. She provided me the space to think about myself, my thoughts, and feelings and what is important to me. We went through some enlightening exercises, and she helped me brainstorm possible solutions for some of my challenges I am dealing with. Most of all she helped me become more aware of my self-limiting beliefs and made me realize what I am truly capable of, simply by changing my mindset. She helped instill a sense of self-understanding that has helped me accept myself as well as my flaws. She even gave me some action-oriented plans that really appealed to me and have helped me identify my dreams, gain self-confidence, and recognize what’s blocking my fulfillment. I’ve already seen a transformation in myself just by making small changes to my way of thinking.

Jamie is a phenomenal, intuitive, helpful, kind and genuine person, and her coaching is the best investment you can make for yourself. I left the session feeling inspired, relaxed, more present, and hopeful for the future.

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